Madrid Fusión 2017

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Madrid Fusión 2017

Another end of January arrives and Madrid fills itself with colors and flavors in another Madrid Fusión. In its 15th edition the capital of Spain once again become the spotlight of the gastronomy world.

Argentine cuisine was the special guest and the main attraction of the world stage of gastronomic fusions that is Madrid Fusión. Argentina represented not only by the traditional cuisine of Buenos Aires of the world-renowned best steaks in the world and the highest quality dairy products. The toughest judge of the Argentine edition Master Chef, Germán Martitegui, chef of the Tegui restaurant, in his presentation that opened the fair affirmed that the multiple landscapes of his country which goes from the arid zones of the north to the Patagonia passing through the vastness of the pampas has much more to offer than just meat and milk.

The gastronomy once again is elevated to the category of aesthetics into a sophistication of the simple and the trivial that become not only tasty, but also beautiful. This spirit is in the air amid the pleasant aromas and tinkling of spoons of the “Golosa Revolution” that Spain has promoted and continues to lead now more than ever worldwide with its nouvelle cuisine.

“Golosa Revolution” that was remembered in this edition in honor of those who with their pioneering, creative and hard work took the first steps in the movement that transformed the perception of the gastronomy, the terroirs and the natural and traditional products of Spain. The essence of fusion cuisine that came to name the event Madrid Fusión decades later … From the melting pot of gastronomy in which ingredients from the simplest to the most sophisticated and exotic are syntax and vocabulary of poetry in the universal language of gastronomy that grows out there before our eyes in the magic hands of the chefs, these alchemists, representatives of a cosmopolitan gastronomy.

In the mix of flavors, aromas and colors that results in the beautiful, pleasing to the eyes and taste, Madrid Fusión 2017, in its slogan “Shared codes with haute cuisine. Paths to the future”, proposes the challenge of making gastronomy a connection among actual and meaningful issues such as environmental preservation, energy efficiency, human relations, applied psychology, social integration, shared economics, new technologies, food recycling, etc.

The public was once again able to share the aisles of the fair with over a hundred chefs representing fifteen countries. And attend to more than 70 technical demonstrations and 24 training workshops for different interests and audiences in the world of gastronomy.

All of this is Madrid Fusión that does not seem to be concerned about the criticisms of certain intellectualization as a mechanism of defense of the ego and escape of the world of the emotions being entrenched in the dimension of the words and theories. What matters is that there are the “alchemists” … It is the annual meeting of the chefs who whether in their most affected or most intuitive nature makes their culinary expression poetry. Some slower, more elaborate and others faster, more intuitive, minimalist.

Magic Window was once again present, this time through the blog Recomiendo España… In addition to beautiful images in photos and videos, we bring to our readers very interesting interviews with the chef Kurt Schmidt of the 99restaurant of Santiago de Chile in the proposal shared code of applied psychology, through the sophisticated and exotic local ingredients of Chile. And with the chef Carlos Zamora of Deluz & Cia who advocates passionately for a gastronomy entrepreneurship built on socially responsible basis discussing the social integration shared code of Madrid Fusión 2017,

Finally, we bring some novelties in gastronomy, wine production and cultural tourism in Spain… And also the perspective of one of the most prominent countries in Madrid Fusion since 2005: Peru. How this small South American country has turned its gastronomy into a true lever to boost not only tourism, but promote economic development.

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