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Tortilla de Patatas

Possibly the Spanish Omelette is the most well-known dish of the Spanish gastronomy. Depending on the area of ​​Spain that you are, it can be found in different versions, sizes and flavors. It is a very simple recipe to prepare with few ingredients.

There are endless ways to make tortillas and we have chosen to show you here a potato omelette, which is one of our favorites.


5 potatoes

1 onion

6 eggs

Olive oil



Peel the potatoes in thin slices.

Cut the onions into strips.

Heat two frying pans with lots of olive oil and when the oil is very hot, fry onions and potatoes separately.

You can also use only a frying pan and fry onions and potatoes together. It’s up to personal taste.

Let them cook for about 25 min, be careful not to burn them. In a separate bowl, combine the 6 eggs and whisk them.

When potatoes and onions are ready, drip a little to dry the oil. As an option you can lightly brown the potatoes in the frying pan without oil.

Add the potatoes and onions to the whisked eggs adding some salt. Whisk well until a kind of smooth puree appears.

In a frying pan pour in some olive oil and warm it up. Add the mixture and let it bake on medium heat until crisp and golden brown for more or less 5 minutes on both sides.

According to your own taste, you can leave more or less time frying. We prefer it to get softy and a bit spongy not too dry.

Maybe the first attempt does not come out as you wish, but the most important is to keep on trying and doing it several times adapting to make it come out the perfect tortilla for your taste!!!

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